Newbie guide for buyers


I noticed there’s a “tips for sellers” but I haven’t found anything on this website so far that gives a basic rundown for buyers. Clearly buyers must outnumber sellers by magnitudes or this website is a farce. So why is there no FAQ or anything that I can find that gives the basics of how this site works?

I want to buy a “gig” ( I see this site wants to push this term) however it seems my only option is to pay first and hope the right options appear later. Yes it’s only $5, but I don’t like paying $5 to see how a website works. What I want isn’t an object, so why is the only information asked prior to taking my money my address? I want a service, and yet there’s no place before making a purchase to give the specifics on how to perform this service. Am I supposed to just send the money, and then what, start messaging the person to do what I’ve already paid them for? That’s ridiculous. There should be a form to fill out in advance, not a payment first, hope they serve you later.


I’d appreciate an easy-to-find “How To Guide for Buyers” - showing the mechanics of using Fiverr - both text and video Tutorials.

For example, I ‘hearted’ a few gigs and put them into Collections. Can someone tell me how to un-heart/delete gigs from those lists?

Thank you for assistance…


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Just keep promoting your gigs on all social media sites and also on the MY fiverr gigs section



I am a new seller in fiverr and a buyer I had contacted me to know if I could do his translation, if it was better to do it in portuguese from Portugal or from Brazil. And I was glad to answer. I saw some posts of top rated sellers and they all say that they prefer buyers to send them a message before the gig explaining them exactly what they want. Maybe you shouldnt buy the gigs from sellers who doesnt answer you.


That’s a fair question. Hopefully something will change with the new web site design that Fiverr is about to roll out.


Reply to Vitaly’s quetion about: " I want to buy a “gig” however it seems my only option is to pay first and hope the right options appear later…

Other sections of this forum have many postings from sellers complaining that buyers place orders without asking in advance if the seller is willing or able to do the gig for the $5 price. So others do share your concern.

But looking at the page layout (on the current Fiverr V1) and you see that the box to “Order Now ($5)” is big and bright and orange and inviting, while an inch below it the short link of small-font blue text to “contact seller” is easy to miss.

And notice how many sellers try to get big numbers of sales by promising to do great gigs with few restrictions. So it almost invites buyers - or at least new buyers - to go ahead a place an order before asking questions, since the seller is promising “anything”.

Personal note: Maybe it is just me, or maybe the system is flakey these days, but almost half of the time when I ask a question of a seller before placing an order the question goes unanswered. I’m not asking them to do any work for me before a sale, just asking a simple question about whether or not they could do a gig for me, promising to order a gig if they say “yes”. Yet they just do not answer either way.

Maybe fiverr V2 will clarify the process for newbies, that it is usually best to ask sellers questions in advance, but time will tell.

(Note: Not all sales at Fiverr require advanced communication. Some sellers offer pre-packed files of art or sounds or videos or whatever that they are re-selling over and over again, and there is no need for negotiations on these.)


Although I am mainly a seller now, I used to do buying occasionally in the past on Fiverr. The main thing you can do is simply contact the seller in particular with any questions you have before placing an order. I do this on pretty much 99% of the orders I buy simply to verify that we’re on the same page and I am getting what is stated.


I’m a new buyer–and for two days, I posted a total of three messages, but never heard from the seller. (I wasn’t looking for something free, I actually had more work than I could figure out how to pay for.) I figured I was doing something wrong–now I wonder if this is simply how the system works. I’d like to have some communication with my seller, but I don’t know how.


Reply to @freelancemm, who said: "The main thing you can do is simply contact the seller in particular with any questions you have before placing an order…"

Yes and no. You can TRY to contact a seller, but that does not mean they will respond. Some do and some don’t.


^^^^ that’s a good way to know who to buy from though. If they don’t respond don’t buy a gig from them!


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Absolutely, a provider is dying to hear something from you! If he does not reply, he’s just either dead or not worth working with. I guess 2-3 days of silence is max.


Reply to @elizabeth2960: I switch to the V2 late last week, during that time a buyer sent me a message, however, I did not see it until tonight because it was mark as read. I am thinking during the conversion, some of the messages you have sent may have been mark as read, therefore it may not have notified them they have a message.

At least that is what happened to me.


Hi - so there is actually no FAQ section on fiverr for buyers???

That’s absurd. I was about to buy something,

but after all this site does not look very appealing to me.


I made my first purchase a few months ago, and thought things could have been explained more clearly. But really, $5 for some interesting creative output from an artist, author, musician or techie? Come on! Don’t be so cheap. Think of it as an adventure or experiment at the gamble of $5. This is not like a “World Hunger” problem. Look over the listings and take a chance on something that YOU would like to get. And know that it also helps someone else who is creative and needs a LITTLE money and support from us buyers.

…end of rant…


how i find a buyer? :frowning: