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Newbie...Have a look to my gigs.. Please help me how to promote gig?


I have new find of gig here. Generally I don"t find such gig.
Please have a look to my gig. please tell me what should I improve in gig.

Please tell me how can I promote my gigs

And yes I have made some sales.Thanks fiverr.


There are many possible ways of promoting your own Gig. You are free to promote yours on your official website (if you own one) by using “Fiverr Anywhere” (located under Selling > Promote Your Business), Facebook Groups, other forums… you name it. Strictly forbidden, however, is advertising Gigs through Google AdWords (and probably any other AD service).

There’s also the “My Fiver Gigs” category in this forum:

Also check out the “Buyer Requests” section, which is also located under “Selling”. You can send offers to people who might need your help…