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Newbie here and already confused

HI All,

So I ordered logo and received the samples right next morning which was awesome. On the summary of my order it said 3 logo samples, I received two only. So, I sent a message to the seller about that asking whether there should be a third one. Waited 2 days for response, Seller response was: “hey are you there?”. That was yesterday. I wasn’t able to respond right then so today I responded back only to see that my order was “completed” and it’s asking me for a review.

So my confusion is about the following:

  • was there supposed to be 2 or 3 logo samples
  • did seller see my message asking about how many logos I am supposed to get (I can clearly see it in our message thread).
  • If it says Order Completed does that mean that seller, since he/she didn’t receive response from me right away or my request for revision, thought that I was satisfied with his logos and closed my order
  • Or does Order Complete means I can still revise get seller to revise the logos until I get something I am happy with. (Btw, right before I saw Order complete I sent attachment to the seller with style of font I want and even a sample of a logo I like - how do I delete that now?).

Order complete means you did not “request a revision” in which case your seller did not receive your revision request.

If the agreement was that your seller would create 3 logo’s for you and only sent 2, you’re entitled to a Third logo and you should send a message to the seller regarding this issue.

Best of luck.

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Thank you! I just heard from the seller, I think we’ll make it work! :slight_smile: