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Newbie here but

I might be a newbie but I am really good with my work!
Feel free to drop an order !


Don’t work for free… know your value!

Hey! Like I said I am a newbie so I would prefer a buyer see the skills I have so why not do one order for free. Mostly people do not prefer buying things from a newbie so they hesitate. You can say this is a trail

That does mean you’ll miss out on the opportunity of getting reviews, but how you work is up to you.


Everybody started it like you. :slight_smile: My first work even wasn’t a $5 order, it was a $20 order without any review.

ahaan! well thanks a bunch! advises are totally appreciated

please respect your work…i just started my account 15 days ago and see i have 90$ order.and i get a genuine review.

Okay! Thank you so much

There are lots of good advises here on the forum! But my story is that I tried to make decent gigs with SAMPLES as much as I could (Descriptions, title and tags. as for the images, in my case, my services aren’t about graphic designing so that’s why they’re simple!) and then when I felt like I’m done with it, I started to focus on something else instead of Fiverr. Maybe after 2 or 3 weeks, out of the blue, I got my first order!

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