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Newbie, here! Comments and/or suggestions welcome!


Hello lovely people of Fiverr!

As the post title suggests, I’m new around here and I’m interested and open to any constructive criticism from more experienced users.

On a personal note, I’m recently on Maternity Leave from my full-time (and then some!) job as a Project Manager for a trucking company. This will be baby number 3 for me, and I also have 2 step-children. In case math isn’t your strong point, that’s 5 children all under the age of 12! I also have 4 cats, a couple of birds and a husband… I’m not sure which category he fits into… (haha!) I’m strongly considering not returning to my corporate 9-5 and going back to freelancing, which I did full-time a number of years ago.

Professionally, my skills are quite versatile, and I’ve yet to decide which of them I’ll focus on offering to start with.

I look forward to getting to know some of you through this forum, and any feedback concerning what I’ve put together so far in terms of gigs or my profile is welcome and appreciated.

Ta-ta for now :slight_smile:


I bet you’re busier at home than at work! :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum!!


Hi there! Welcome to Fiverr! :tada::tada::tada:

For tips and suggestions, you will find some really helpful advice in the Fiverr Academy (which you can find under the Community tab on the main Fiverr website). There’s also tons of advice floating around the forums, but not all of it is of the highest quality. Just experiment a little and find out what works for you!

Good luck with the freelancing!


I don’t know how to sale or advertising my job for buyer to request for the service. How can I get serious buyer to get my offer


@gina_riley2 - You bet! Thank you.

@stollerbr Thank you! I have found a lot of useful information in both the Academy as well as the forums.


Where I’m new to Fiverr myself, I can’t really offer any tried, tested and true tips… but it’s my understanding the “Improve my Gig” board is the best place to post things like this… Perhaps try reviewing the “Tips for Sellers” boards? GL :slight_smile:


I got my first few orders by responding to requests on the Buyer’s Request page, as did many other sellers. That’s what I would recommend for new users.