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Newbie here (how do I get my money, in my PayPal account?)

I am a newbie here on this site. I wanted to know how do I get my money, in my PayPal account? Is there a certain amount of money you have to have in order to redeem your money? The help is really appreciated. =]

Sheriff’s Note: Search the forum. This is answered quite a few times.

It’s recommended to withdraw 50+ dollars or so, because of Paypal fees. They will be too big if you withdraw too little, but they should stop at certain point so it’s worth it to wait for a bit. :slight_smile:

If you want get your money on paypal account to withdraw, this is the simple way. just connect your bank account at your country, your local bank must be partnership with paypal. just click profile at your paypal account, fill your bank information. account number and swift bank. finished