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Newbie here... How to have sellers

Hi Im Cloreen and I just joined here yesterday. I would like to ask, do I need to advertise my gigs?

I dont know what’s the next step. Do I need to advertise? If I will advertise my gigs, where can I advertise this? And how will the buyers can see my gigs?

Thank you very much for any help.


You can share your gig on Social Media as well as on fiverr forum at My Fiverr Gigs section. Hope you will get order soon.



Hi there.

First things first, welcome. I believe you know your stuff well, and Fiverr is glad to have you here.

The first thing I would like you to know is that Fiverr is just like opening a business. While some people might come around and see what you’re selling, get interested and make a purchase, all that is based on beating the odds, especially in a competitive niche.

I would advise that you jump on the buyers request page and send beautifully-crafted quotes to potential buyers. Take time out to read their needs, understand it, then send a quote accordingly. Maintain your professionalism all through and keep firing on all cylinders.

Sales might be slow, but don’t let that get to you. I got my first sale after 10 days myself, so I might know something about the wait.

Probably, the first thing I should have suggested to you is the Fiverr Academy. They have given you all the tools for success in there. Good thing you joined the forums early. Whenever you’re not busy, check out the posts here to stay on top of your business. I wish you the very luck.


hello Cloreen Welcome to the community
your question is abit tricky, but here is a quick answer i can give.

Advertising is always needed in business but you have to know why, when and what you are advertising
by advertising am guessing you mean paid advertising like facebook ads or google adwords, that would be great but i would not advise it at this stage.

Fiverr is like a business, you have an idea of what you should do and how to do it but you can never be sure if thats what the market wants.

I have created, edited, paused and deleted several gigs after testing them and realizing i could make the gigs better or they would not work at all.

before you try paid advertising try the buyer requests and see what people want done for them and send custom quotes to them.

I would only advertise a gig after i have got some orders on that gig, just to make sure there are people who would like the service.

Wish you luck


The Buyer’s Request section is gold. Just be sure to write specifically to the seller and address their needs.
Best of luck!


hello Cloreen and welcome
Must use all of your Buyer Requests and do send well-drafted quotes. On Fiverr you might have to wait for your 1st order as Buyers show reluctance in giving orders to newcomers. You might have to work for low budget at the start but consistency and hard work is the key to success. Wish you best of luck.


The best way to get first order is! RESPONDING TO BUYER REQUESTs. But ensure you thoroughly go through their requirements!! and draft a response after reading it,

doing this will force them to reply to your offer!

Cheers, best of luck


First try to upload your gig of your service that you want to provide.But the chances are very low to get orders from your gig as a fresher.So,after uploading your gigs try to send quotes as much as you can.Fiveer allows 10 proposals per day…If you don’t succeed immediately don’t lose hope,keep calm.It will come definitely if you are in your work…

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