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Newbie here, I think I’m being taken advantage, need help

I made a gig request for a logo and I accepted an offer by someone offering The whole shebang. My budget was $30, they offered $25 sounded good and I accepted.
I accepted the logo and paid and tipped but he has not send a thing. So confused I asked if he could let me know what to expect, how long will I wait to get the work. Now he’s asking for more money to send what I paid for. I get I’m new but I’m not a sucker, what can I do?


So when you say you “accepted the logo”, what exactly did you accept?

What was delivered on the order page?


The last thing I got was a 3D mock up of the logo.

Sorry, but you MAYBE have been scammed.

Once you place order you do not accept anything until you get all the files. Why would you accept delivery if he did not sent anything?

Plus I am afraid if he did not place “the whole shebang” in written in his offer, you are MAYBE also tricked here.

Some say they will deliver this and that in communication but in offer they do not type that and therefor they are not obligated to deliver anything except what is written in the offer.

The process of ordering on Fiverr goes:
a) find seller, read description, contact or place order if all is clear
b) provide himher with all the requirements to complete order, text or files
c) heshe sends delivery, you review delivery with watermark, check all the files are attached, if some are missing ask him to make another delivery
but NEVER EVER ACCEPT DELIVERY if it was partial.
d) if all is OK and all is there, accept delivery

and why would you tip him if he failed to deliver?

If they are asking more money and they did not deliver what was included in the offer you can file report to customer support.


@marinapomorac just a reminder that you can’t start calling out users on the forum.

Please edit your reply.

@frank_d , um, that’s the OP’s username.

Went and glanced. In the seller’s other gig, they say “I am working in this platform from almost 2018”, yet their profile shows Oct 2020 as the join date. Their overall rate is 4.7

The design… if this is a mock-up/concept it’s not bad, but for a logo it’s…

There’s 3-4 different line-widths, way too much detail to actually print on a business card, and if I had to guess what your brand is selling, I’d guess meditation music. Or soap. Aroma therapy stuff.


“Gave different style concepts and took into consideration what I was looking for which helped”.

The above is from the 5 star review you left re the above posted by @imagination7413


Yes I accepted because i assumed files are delivered once approved and paid for. This is my first time ordering anything like this so I followed instructions prompted once I was happy with the design.

I’ve reached out to customer service and hopefully I can get this resolved quickly.


Thank you so much. I was trying to figure out what did I say wrong, didn’t catch that he misconnected names.

@deer1984 Logo doesn’t exist as is in this formulation. It looks like mix and merges from different stockimages (which is allowed for logos, especially for smaller brands)

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If this was your first order, then my apologies for assuming. I do hope CS can help you out quickly.

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Apologies for callin you out @marinapomorac as you didn’t have to edit the post.

But, I still think we can only advise the OP and shouldn’t play detective. :slight_smile:

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:smiley_cat: Sorry, no can do.

Curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought it back.


@frank_d No worries. My thought was that you are referring to everything I said.

I work in the logo design category and I also ordered a couple of times before I became a seller and after. What happened to her is not a unique event but a standard.

I ask the seller what is included. I ask him to confirm that. Heshe replies Yes Yes just place an order, just accept the custom offer.

After I pay and wait for delivery I get JPG… then I ask again for vector… I get PNG… again… PSD… again… PDF (PNG converted to PDF)… all leading to telling me they do not draw in vector.

After I asked 10 times does the price includes a vector file before placing order.

And without exception, the PSD file I get from all sellers had 6-8 attempts to make logo all over the artboard. They did not even clean up.

And also without exception, the moment I asked for all files to be delivered they start with “That will be extra”.

or the best yet was “I know that is written in my description but all my buyers know I do not deliver that and I never had a problem before”.

What happened to her is happening to a lot of people in the logo category, on an hourly basis.

We can say - you get what you paid for, but…

This is the universe of 5$ logo on Fiverr.

80% of my first clients that got me to Level one were clients that bought logos on Fiverr and got doodle. One of my first posts here on the forum is I think the logo I got from a client that he bought here on Fiverr. Anchor points to the infinity and beyond.


This is a grave issue.

Action is required but only CS can step in.

The logo category is one of the worst but I think it’s a universal issue on the platform.

Buyers need to be educated and they need to understand that they can report sellers like the one the OP faced.


Let us know how it goes?

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Fiver’s CS is actually very good when it comes to rationalizing the thought. If you’re right then they’ll definitely favour you over the buyer. Good luck and let us know how it goes!


Hello! ooh :confused:
It bothers me a lot that there are logo sellers who are not professionals and do not have any certification from a university, etc, they are simply people who want “quick money” and mainly I know what Country those sellers are from.

I will tell you about my experience as a professional graphic designer with 11 years of experience and graduated and what my teachers taught me.

  1. A logo designer should guide you in the first place and Know what your company or business is about and what products you sell, what you do. what is your target audience.

  2. Then he must talk about the colors, these colors can be chosen by the client or if the client does not know what colors to use, the seller must guide him through the psychology of color and the rules that they demand.

  3. With this basic information, (and there may be more info), the salesperson will begin to build the idea by giving the customer the first sketch.not the final delivery of it.

  4. Once all the ideas are clear with the sketch, the total logo will begin to be built with 3 proposals.

  5. the client must choose one of the three proposals and if necessary, continue polishing the chosen logo . But of course, the seller will guide the client in this process since he is the expert and will know how to make your logo have a visual impact. he will guide you and tell you if your modifications are necessary or not. and if they ruined the logo.

  6. Once the logo is finished, he should give you the following:

  • Source file
  • Png (logo with transparent background)
  • Jpeg file
  • Eps
  • sizes for social media avatars
  • Pdf
  • Inverted logo black and white with all the files

With these files you will have everything at your fingertips to make flyers, billboards, videos, prints, and more.

what a seller should not give you as a final logo?:

  • a template made in psd with automatic system
  • a 3D mockup, this does not work as a logo
  • source file made in psd or logo made in psd ( A logo should never be made in photoshop (psd), since it is not a software to make logos but there are Many who use it, resulting in a logo based on a bitmap and not a vector one.

What should be considered as something to pay additionally?:

  • a corporate identity manual

and yes that’s all :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, sadly my experience was not at all like this. I gave the benefit of the doubt and figured it could be a language barrier issue and I only vetted the seller based on his portfolio and the fact her had 50+ reviews which I felt was decent.

I’ve since reached out to CS and they’ve helped me sort the issue quickly. Thanks again!


Good news, CS guided me to reach out to the seller once more and give them a chance to send all that they promised but yet again he tried to fool me and only sent the the initial mock ups he first showed me which I did not ask for. So CS took it from there were able to view that he did not come through and refunded my money and recommended some artist who could help me out.

Big thanks to everyone for your tips and advice although disheartened a bit I definitely learned a lot. <3


It’s really weird. He made a mockup and all. Just 2 click away to save it as svg or at least png format. Maybe, I think he used someone’s logo possibly watermarked. Did you especially ask for a “Lady and the moon” logo? It’s sorta popular in tattoo format.