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Newbie here, merry Christmas!

Hi all! My name is Erick and I recently discovered this forum. I’m just starting on Fiverr, little by little, of course. By the way, I want to wish you a happy Christmas and a good time overall in your personal & professional life.


Hi Erick! Happy Christmas! I hope your Fiverr career will be very active and successful in 2021! :smiley:


Thank you. Same for you, have a nice day :wink:

Hello Erick.
Welcome to Forum.
Happy Christmas!!!


Thanks Mehedi, and a great 2021 as well.

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Hope you will be Busy in 2021 with a lot of sale and you have some amazing buyer.
Wish me luck too…
hahaha :smiley:

And Merry Christmas to you too, and welcome to Fiverr and the forum.
I got curious and checked your gig, I found nothing wrong with it, but I also found out that there are over 5000 Spanish translation gigs here. (dang)
This is just my personal suggestion, but since you are new here it might be a bit hard to stand out at first. Maybe making a video of yourself talking in both languages might help??
Good luck and happy gigging :smiley:

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Good suggestion. I didn’t thought about a video, sounds like a good idea, or maybe some screenshots of translated texts? Since the main focus is text, not really voice atm. And that’s true btw, haven’t really checked the amount of gigs honestly (I see a lot of niches veeery well occupied!)
Thanks for your message. Happy gigging too!

Most welcome Mr Erick …
And I want to wish you happy Christmas…

Hi Erick,

Merry Christmas to you too

A screen shot of the translated texts does sound like a good idea.
Here’s a fun fact, I’ve reported fake Google translators because they had the nerve to use a screen shot of their Google translation which was terrible of course.
Showing a screen shot of a decent quality translation could be a good way to present your skills, but I’m sure it will be helpful if you also show yourself actually talking in the 2 languages. It seems a bit more convincing I guess? :slight_smile:

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Hello, Erick.
Happy Christmas!!!
Welcome to Fiverr & Forum.
Best Wishes for your Fiverr Journey.