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Newbie here needs help (with a banner For my gig)


I am having the darndest time coming up with a banner For my gig. No matter what I try, I keep getting the message that it’s not acceptable. Can someone try to explaining to me how to create one? I would appreciate it!

Thanks in advance


Personally, there are some tools online that you could use. One of my favorite sites to use is called Wordle. This site allows you to take keywords pertaining to your gig and move them around in different ways that you can create “word clouds” of text. Another idea that I do sometimes is open Microsoft Powerpoint and design a slide with how I would like my banner to look, save it as a .ppt so you can edit it later, whereas then I export the one slide as a jpg image and then can resize it for the Fiverr requirements. Those are just a couple ideas. Good luck on creating your banner! :slight_smile:


@ flavimedia thanks for the wordle tip. Played around with it, seemed great, though I would like to make a cloud around one larger word. Also, they split words I want together, is there a way to fix that. Are you able to save to your computer? and finally, is it an issue if I leave a link back to my gig in the optional comment box?

Not sure if you know the answer to these, but thought I would ask.


Thank you, Flavimedia. I will try that for sure. Though one of the requirements is that there be no text? Doesn’t make sense, does it? IVe seen other people’s banner, and have text! But if you used that word cloud, then I’ll try it too. Thank you!