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Newbie here :) Wish me luck!

Hey Fiverr forum!

I just made my first few gigs yesterday. How long does it take to start getting impressions? I still haven’t received any and can’t seem to find my gigs in search results yet.

I am mainly skilled in design (web and graphic) and front-end web development. I appreciate any tips or feedback anyone can offer!



First of all, I want to wish you a good luck.Selling your first gig is sometimes easy and sometimes it is hard. but I think it is the matter of hard work and luck. Here are few tips

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Just create a gig that you are passionate about what you are doing and of course since this is your first time creating a gig, just be patient and give it a time. Moreover, you can promote your gig to different social media platforms and these will help you boost your gig’s impressions, views and clicks.

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Don´t bother with gig impressions. Just do your best. Some people get orders within a few days, some within weeks, some within two months. If you haven´t got any orders yet don´t feel discouraged. One important thing to remember as well, NEVER EVER do a job for people who haven´t purchased a gig from you, unless you want some people to run away with ´freebies´. Good luck! :slight_smile:

NB: And don´t be lazy like me. I didn´t do much to be a successful seller, that´s why I was not successful.


good luck bro, were in the same boat!

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Use the buyer request feature to your advantage!

You can make your first sale by bidding :wink:

:bulb: Joe

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It took me a week or 2 of hearing crickets (but of course that’s doesn’t mean it’s the norm either) but once the first order came it’s been steady. Best of luck! It’s a ride!

I agree with what @thecreativeguys said. Make sure you utilize the buyer request feature. I have had my Fiverr since December but in the last two weeks, I just got my first orders. However, I only got these gigs through buyer requests. When you use these and get orders, your impressions, clicks, views and even orders will go up. Just keep pushing hard and you’ll get your orders in no time!


Hi, just do your work the best way you can and the results will come quickly! Its not the start its staying ! So be yourself trying to better in each work you deliver!



wish you good luck…:slight_smile:

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The problem is the buyer request section is full of people advertising their own gigs :slight_smile:

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Welcome to Fiverr. Work on the suggestions already given and best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:

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Welcome here @towereye. For start, I must tell you that you choose perfect place to grow and improve yourself. :slight_smile:
I wrote a few post about improve GIG, promote GIGs and other advice about that. So, you can check all on a link below. But all these things will be helpful if you continue to work hard and have patience to next order.
Wish you all the best here and I hope that you will receive many orders soon. :slight_smile:

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hi , welcome i’m newbie as well
good luck dude! and nice to meet you.

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Good luck @towereye & @miisous92! :grin:

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i wish you good luck

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It’s not that bad!

I usually filter them anyway :wink:

:bulb: Joe

I’m a seller of Programming & Tech category. This is the world domination image and I edited to share on my profile background image. Here it is one:

Wish me luck for good. :slight_smile:

I like this topic, and it screams me because I would die right now to get a sale. But I won’t give up every day I promote and look for buyers request, and answer them. I am a newbie transcriber here, I will keep pressing on and motivated.
When I get an order, I am going to grab it, like I am getting some gold in my hand, because It’s not easy. Its all about having the right mindset and determination.

Hi !

I wish you good luck and all best !
Just be active and buyers will come soon