Newbie here with lots of hope. Any tips?


Hello everyone. I am new here. Already loving this place. I heard about Fiverr from one of my friends. I joined here to make at least 1000 bucks per month. Is this possible? If so then how and when it will be achievable?

Any kinds of tips is appreciated.



I don’t know but welcome . What Services do you offer …?


Kate , it’s all about finding a base service and figuring out what you can up-sell.

Some tips to start would be …

  1. Think and plan everything out. Your service , your up-sells , your pricing … etc…

  2. Write a script for your gig video …

  3. Make the gig video + post the gig with 3 pictures relating to your service. Could be nice stock photos to start , especially while the video is still processing.

  4. Get your first sale even if you do it free , get a 5 star review… It puts your gig in the search , with a good foothold.

  5. Let your first few orders be “over deliveries” … really earn good eye popping first reviews…

Then its all a matter of upping your prices eventually , offering more gigs with the same thought out patterns …

Yes videos for every gig. Do it or go home , seriously. … Pictures arent that important but fiverr + the search engine likes it.

Good luck. be on the lookout for our video series that will hit the forum here soon. Its going to be a detailed (3min) video giving several tips for buyers. But you can always reverse engineer that to be a great seller too. We’ll also be doing a seller tips video as well.


1000 a month is quite possible, if you’re one of the more popular sellers.

You’ll have to spend a large amount of time making your name known first.


Yes I make 1000+$ a month but all depend on your qualifications and the services you offer and how good you work. If you do good work and have good ratings you will get lot of work. Good Luck


Welcome here :slight_smile:
possibilites has no end just keep hardworking and Never quit you will get your milestone soon :slight_smile:


I would like to update two point:
4) There is no need to do it free. Buyer likes to pay, even tip if your service is satisfactory. If you want to provide free buyer may be afraid. Really :slight_smile:
5) Try all order over deliver. Not first few otherwise you will stop after few delivery.


Would you guys please suggest me how to get more orders on Fiverr?


Thanks a lot mate!


Thanks a lot everyone. That’s really kind of you to give me those tips. I will absolutely implement those.


I would say focus more on making yourself look like an actual business that has stuff going on. Look important , sound important (From the gig description / vids / pictures / to the inbox replies you give)

Your first 20 reviews are the most important. If you get enough , the buyers start coming much faster. Make sure EVERYONE who orders from you leaves a review.

And yes it’s entirely possible to make $1000+ a month. We do it here And I think we hit the $2000+ mark this past month. Constantly look back over your stuff as you get better at your craft … see if you can take a nicer picture … make a nicer gig video , word it differently , check your SEO , check your competition , your pricing ,adjust it all accordingly… (not too much as to not throw your gig out of the search for the 24h period sometimes before it can be re-inserted… and sometimes this process bugs out COMPLETELY and requires a ticket!)

Good luck , those are some goodies.