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Newbie in need of an opinion


I’m looking to have an opinion about my current situation. I don’t know how to react… It makes me feel really bad… I can’t say if I’m too fussy or if the seller is pulling my leg…
First, I have some experience as an art commissioner, and talking with artists, I never had bad experience like this before… It usually makes me happy to receive my commission… But not this time.

I’m a new buyer and new Fiverr user.
I ordered from someone to 3Dprint 3 models + paint them for me… I had a custom order because of some specificities (1 fig having 2 characters on it, so charged double and their a bit larger than the original file )… They show me no steps or inbetween as they do the work… I have no reviews.
The only day I wasn’t on Fiverr…they send me pictures on my painted figs… The job is poorly done and I bought the “expert” painting… They send the parcel already today… Without waiting for any feedback…
I think it’s no coincidence…

They have 5 stars ratings… We’re from the same country so there is no language barrer between us… But I feel like they are pulling my leg… I feel awful. That they pushed forward extra quality painting and end up rushing it… The photos are very ugly… I don’t think I’m allowed to post them to show… Their portofolio look nicer and more polished than what they does for me.

I payed +150 euros for them and if they look like that… I just don’t want them. I told the buyer I wasn’t happy that they haven’t shown me any steps as they proceeded…

I’m new… I know there a possibility to get a refund… But I 'm wondering if there the possibility to be partly refund, to pay them for the 3D printing ( paying for the resin they used ) but not for the paint job… I’m waiting for my parcel to see the result IRL but I’m very stressed… Looking at videos about how to stripe the paint already…

I would be grateful if someone could give their opinion on this… Does it happen very often on Fiverr?


Sorry to hear. We hear too much of this these days as more people rush in assuming that freelancing is easy and/or a really cheap.

You should report this to Customer Service. If the portfolio and delivery are noticeably not the same quality, there is something wrong.

Just be sure that you have reasonable expectations. I call it the $5 Ferrari syndrome. We all know those things cost $250,000 so no matter how excellent the brochure for the $5 Ferragi says it is and how as-good-as the real thing it claims to be, the $5 Ferragi cannot be as good as a real Ferrari. If you paid $5 for something that a local person would have needed $500 to do a fair job with, you broke it yourself so probably have to accept that you hired the wrong person for the wrong price.

Yes that person is a bad actor seeing they promise what they cannot delivered and deserve what they get, a bad review and even to lose their money but also see your part so it can be avoided next time as there are great sellers here if you look wisely and pay properly.

I wonder at anyone who offers levels that claim to be less than the best job they could do so you have to pay extra to have them care enough to do it right. I would pay more for real oil painting over acrylic but the quality and care in both should be equal or they are a shonk.

This is why I never offer $5 Mixing as to do that I would either have to hate myself (getting paid $5 for 8 hours of work) or I would have to serve the song poorly to get it off my plate in 30 mins. This is not honorable so back to hating myself.


BTW I would be interested to see the pics. So long as you do not show who the seller is, I don’t see it as a drama.


The practice is quite normal on Fiverr. They have printed and painted the models already, so you can’t ask for a revision here. It’s a physical product. You should pay for every revision. That would be the most ethical.

On the other hand…

Pictures may not show the exact delivery. Especially if they shot it with a phone. Fiverr requires pictures to be delivered in case of physical delivery so…

That’s what they did!

It’d be better to at least see the real models first.

However, if you are so sure, feel free to contact the customer support.

P.S. €150 for 3D printing, painting, and shipping 3 models is too less in my opinion. I’m not aware of the sizes though.