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Newbie looking for some ways to promote my gig!


Hey, I’ve been reading various posts on how to get those first few orders. One common answer is to get friends to buy your gig, but I don’t know anyone who would do that, haha. The other common answer is to just promote your gig, but I’m not sure how…How would I go about promoting my gig if I don’t have a huge social media presence or anything? Thanks!


The way I have done it is to look at what other people offer and make my gig look better than theirs. That is NOT copying. It is using my top 2-3 competitors best work to set the baseline for what I need to provide. Then I spend the time on improving my gig.

Generally there is a credibility problem at first but much of that can be overcome with an awesome product. It’s rare that you get order flood to start with but I’ve found that nailing it systematically has a big impact