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Newbie looking for suggestions

Hi im new to fiverr. My family and I have a small crafting business which consist of making bath products, jewelry and accessories. We already have a fb page but we arent getting much business, so we decided to branch out to a different site. Im the most computer savvy in the house so its up to me to get our name out there on the virtual level. I’d appreciate if anyone with experience would look at our products on here or on Facebook and tell me what you think. Comments and criticism are welcome and highly appreciated.

Thanks @voiceoverwork I appreciate it

Agreed, quality pictures will make your product sell better. Set the scene…

More descriptive details. Why is your soap worth $5… Sell it baby!!

You mentioned your family is involved, perhaps a nice video with everyone doing their part… Or maybe share your common goal, i.e. "All the money earned on Fiverr will go towards a trip to Disneyland!!"

I used the money I earned on fiver to restore a classic car, people were very interested in my progress and continue to ask about my car. Whatever you do, make a connection,because at the end of the day, fiverr isn’t my first thought for a soap merchant, but if your soap is the best soap ever or I want to support your cause, then you’ve got a sale!

One last thought, customization is key on fiverr. Can you somehow make the soap custom? Think of printing labels with their logos perhaps!


Hi and welcome.

FYI… Be careful. Sharing personal contact info, or off Fiverr links is not allowed.

Invest in better product photography. It’s an investment that will pay for itself ten fold in sales.

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