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Newbie need some guidance

Hello Everyone,

Greetings! Hope everyone is doing good.

I am a newbie in this platform. I have created my Gig just like others. But I believe something is falling apart and eventually I am not been able to get any job. I have tried a lot for a last couple of months still no luck yet for any job or work. Any advised from the experienced ones who faced the similar situation? And how you get your first contract? Please enlighten me so that I can be a part of this wonderful community.

Thank you all for all your patience and time.

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What’s your niche specific?

Sometimes we are wonderful with help and sometimes we are quite direct with people who didn’t try to help themselves in a first place.

What did you try hard? What actions did you take?

I see you have only 5 min read time so that’s definitely not an indication of trying hard.

You can read fiverr forum because we shared endless times all this advices on how to get your first order and all you need to have a great portfolio a little bit of dedication and investing your time at least in research and reading the forum.

But do let us know if you have trouble with something else that’s not on the forum or on fiverr help page and fiverr TOS

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