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Newbie needs advice


I’m new. Which equals ignorant. I just had a really hard introduction to Fiverr & I’m looking for advice/insight/understanding. I posted a gig request for a logo design for $25. Designer bid $10. The quality was very amateur. I wasn’t happy but designer kept pushing to do more revisions. Finally, I just wanted to end the experience. I thanked him, told him it wasn’t what I was looking for but that I respected all the time he put in & would just pay for the last logo. I accepted it AND I left a $12 tip! I left an honest review that gave 3.5 stars. He freaked out. Begged me to change review. Said he’d refund if I wanted. Begged me to give him another chance to do better. I was a sucker & said OK. He sent me a request to give 5 stars & sent me a revision in inbox. It was amazing! Perfect! I accepted it. Showed praise & thanks. I immediately went to print my business cards & before purchased I get notice from designer that he has no right to sell the image. He has to alter for legal. The revision is awful. He says he will buy rights. Says I can buy source for another $10. I say OK. Then he says it cost him $150 US & I can buy. I say this is dishonest & he starts telling me he has lawyers etc. He is all over the place. He threatens to sue me if I use the design. He offers to give it to me for free. He says he’s offended & will refund the gig. I say Yes, I want a refund or at least to put back the accurate review. I know I was too soft & shouldn’t have given a big tip for bad work. I shouldn’t have said yes to changing my review or even allowed more revisions but here are some things I don’t know - How do I end a gig? If the work is not what I want & the designer spent time on it, how do we both have a fair experience? If I pay for nothing, I lose. If he works for hours & gets nothing, he loses. I don’t get the system. I also don’t know where the STOP button is that ends the process. Also, I don’t know how to trust that the images I receive are not stolen. And I’ve had no response from Fiverr on how to put my review back or get a refund. One or the other needs to happen but since I accrued the designer’s request to change my review there is no edit button. Any feedback is appreciated. I don’t know if that designer posted something in forum but since we stopped speaking, all designers working on that gig request have stopped communication. Very frustrated & gun shy about using Fiverr again. Need to be better prepared next time.


If this happened as you describe it, the seller has broken multiple rules in the Fiverr Terms of Service and it is really important that you stop where you are. There are so many things wrong here it’s hard to start, but I’ll give you a few.

He broke the rules by offering to trade a refund/revision for the altered review
He broke the rules by sending you work he did not own.
He broke the rules by attempt to manipulate you for more funds.
He broke the rules by threatening you with off-Fiverr legal action when you had done nothing against the ToS.

This list goes on, but the seller needs to be stopped. Take screen shots of the things that he did and create a Support ticket under the Trust and Safety category. In the subcategory you can choose “bad seller behavior” or similar. While Fiverr can view the order and messages, it goes faster and better if you send proof, so attach your screenshots and explain what the seller did and what the last contact was about.

Let them know that you cannot use the delivery since the seller has admitted to sending stolen work. Ask Customer Support to refund you. You can be polite and professional with them but just report the situation. If it is as you describe, they will likely take direct action with the seller and refund you.

At that point you don’t need to worry about the review or tip, just let Fiverr take care of it. They won’t tell you the results of their investigation but they will do one. Fiverr has tons of great sellers and none of them want fraudulent sellers allowed to continue. You’ll get your refund in Fiverr credit and I think you can have a much better experience if you read the Tips for Buyers forum and ask more questions before you make a choice.


Thanks, I’ll take action on filing that report & read through that buyer’s forum.


Hi, sorry to hear about your FIRST bad experience. Well happens with everyone as fiverr is a platform with million users so there are large amount of scammers around. The situation that you faced has happened with most buyers here.

As you agreed, there were some mistakes done by you as well as you were unnecessarily soft with him. You can cancel the order anytime if you sense the seller as a RED FLAG. Go To Resolution Center on the order page at the right side and from there you can cancel the order. If the seller denies to cancel, you can contact customer support and ask them to cancel it.

You can give a try to CS if you want your money back.

I think you should use Search this time and look for a reputable seller.
Good Luck. :thumbsup:


Thank for the reality check. If nothing else this experience has been educational. lol I’m not sure I’ve seen a customer resolution page. I will check again. I’ve been doing everything on the app and I think some features are missing (or hidden.) I’m still confused about how to cancel an order if you simply don’t like the end product.


Not sure about the app as i guess this feature is not available on app…

Here is what i am talking about. :arrow_down:


Do not let your first experience on this platform discourage you. This platform offers you the best services a freelancing website can offer and the customer support is fantastic.


Is that option for sellers only?


Yes, thanks for the encouragement. I’m doing other gigs currently. I can’t pass judgment so quickly… but it’s been a pretty stressful time so far. Hope to find a good designer I can stick with for a while. I’ll keep trying.


No for both of them. Buyers and sellers.