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Newbie needs help

Here is my gigs link

Please see these gigs critically to bring changes in them wile keeping each and every aspect. from keywords to prices as well.

Hi @munaza_studio,

On a quick look to yourGigs:

1.- All your Gigs offer the same service, two of them having the exact same title.

  • Your gigs are most likely to be removed by Fiverr, since it’s not allowed to have several gigs offering the same service. Being so, delete two of them and stick to just one Gig covering with it all the service you want to offer.

2.- All three Gigs offer unlimited revisions and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • This will make your life miserable in every aspect, so get rid of both. As for the revisions, set a limited number you’re willing to give to your buyers.

thanks alot. As i get the changes doen, will get back to you. Really thankful to you

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You’re most welcome, Muna! :slightly_smiling_face:

You were right, i have instantly removed my gigs on your suggestion . if you could please tell that max. how many revisions must be there for different packages. You have been, have been experienced that unlimited revisions make your life miserable. regarding gigs offering i am confused because have heard at least make more gigs. but how being an animator what different i can offer except 2d or whiteboard. if you could please add on it

means i have expereinced

Until you become level 1 seller, you may have up to 7 Gigs, but all of them must be different in their service offerings.

It’s up to you the amount of revisions you’ll be willing to give for free in each package. You are the only one to know.

I would say 1 for the basic package, 2 for the standard and 3 for premium. But I really don’t know, since your service is not my area of expertise.

The danger in offering unlimited revisions is that you tie yourself to work forever if you happen to get a “smart” buyer. And believe me, there are plenty out there browsing for unlimited revision sellers. In these cases, you would have to honour your word on revising until the buyer wants you to, and CS won’t help you, because what appears in your Gig description and offering, is written in stone.

If you don’t believe on what I’m telling you, you can search the forum. It’s full of horror stories of sellers who didn’t want to take advice on getting rid of unlimited revisions.

Don’t believe in everybody writing in the forum. There are lots of “gurus” giving misleading and/or wrong advice. Some of them just repeat like parrots whatever they have read or heard, and others, invent or say whatever first come to their minds without caring doing harm to other sellers.

Having just one or two Gigs in which you’re good at, is better than having 7 on which you have poor skills or none at all. Again, don’t worry on what others say. Many of them you see them crying all over the place ranting they got poor reviews, or their orders were cancelled, or, or, or… :wink:


Try to keep your pronouns consistent. In your tag line, you use “us”, but in your profile description you use “I”. Is your profile run by an I or an us?

It’s confusing, which is a problem, because buyers usually like to know who they’re dealing with.

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thanks alot. i would consider your suggestion . if you could guide on prices to set for newbie then i would be highly obliged

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You’re welcome. Your prices seem fine, but I’m only a novice in the whiteboard animation field.

Have you researched your competitors? How do your prices compare to theirs?

Some on this forum suggest offering more than the competition – at least while you’re new. This is a strategy not everyone agrees with, though. :slight_smile:

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