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Newbie needs to get off the ground help?

Just looking for some advice to get going I’m a young video editor for gamers and I’m new to Fiverr and just curious on the best route to start getting some orders to get over that hard life of having no reviews or orders I’ve noticed people hesitate to order from you.

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Welcome to the family! I recommend searching this forum for specific questions you have. You will find LOADS of information.

Don’t let the thought of starting at zero scare you. You aren’t the first, you wont be the last. Despite what you may have heard, customers do buy from new sellers. In fact, many buyers prefer newer sellers as they tend to offer better pricing.

Make sure you put 100% into your gigs. Make sure your keywords are right, check your search tags, research what your competitors are doing.

As @jonbaas says, market yourself to your target audience. Who buys your gig? Is there somewhere you can market to them? All questions you need to ask.

This is a business, your business. Try things out, see what works. Best of luck!


Welcome! Don’t call yourself a newbie, you are a professional on what you do so there is no room for that word.

As @loganstover told you, search for topics on the forum, like tips to get the first order, how to write a good request, how to improve your gig, etc. There’s a lot of useful tips in here that you think they don’t work but they do!


Much appreciated to the both of you! I will definitely be searching and so I have also been making some changes to my gig to make it look better thank you guys!

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