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Newbie of 2 months without any sales

Hi I had created my fiver account in 2017 but I didnt had any freelancing skill and then just after 2 yers I got all skills and made my fiver gig.I have 3 gigs currently but not a single order.So help me out and let me know how to get my first order.

Hey there, you have to send offers to buyer requests to get your account going. You can do this on the app by tapping the icon on the bottom right then tapping buyer request. On desktop you have to be in seller mode, click more, then buyer request.

You’ll probably find about 2 buyer requests every 3 hours depending on how popular you gig category is.

Since you no reviews send offers for very cheap, possibly below the asking price. The more 5 star reviews you have the higher price you can send your offers for.

Once you get a decent amount of reviews your gig will appear higher up in the search results and thus more people will be buying your gig.

Hope this helps and good luck!

hello beautiful peoples please give some feed back on my new gig if this is fine or not? thank you