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Newbie of 2weeks without any sales

Hi everyone. Am a newbie on fiverr. I ve created 4gigs and no sales yet. I don’t know what to do. I learnt that if I could get one review, then i good to go all the way. So i have come up eith these suggestions.

  1. Can there be any free gig where i can just
    showcase my talent and get a nice rating?

  2. Can someone give me a $5 job which i fo and get a 5* rating? I will re-order the person for same pricetag in return with a nice rating.

  3. Can someone pass to me any job which I can help complete?
    I edit and proofread, write sales copy for products, write email for email marketing and I also write resumes.

You know how it feels when your gig goes without a single sale for 2weeks. So I need proper advice snd guidance on the best waty to handle this. Your candid advice will be appreciated.

Best Regards
Lena Ben

Lena Ben