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Newbie on Fiverr - Having trouble enforcing commercial licensing


I am new to Fiverr (only 3 days as of 6/7/19). However, I’ve been doing voiceovers for several years. I have to admit this has been a major adjustment for me as I’m used to being paid much higher for my talent. So far I’ve gotten 3 orders, one I turned down flat because he wanted to use my voice for…ehm…personal use of a graphic nature. Anyways, my biggest gripe is that my clients are not selecting the commercial use license option when in fact they are using my voice to promote their businesses. This has never been a problem for me on other sites, but here I feel I have no way to truly enforce it. Mainly because I’m so new here and haven’t built up any reviews yet. I’m worried that if I try to push back right now it will take me forever to build up orders and get reviews. I’m hoping once I have at least 20 five star ratings on here I can raise my base rate to a more respectable fee and enforce the commercial license. Is this a good course of action or should I stick to my guns and enforce commercial license at the very beginning? Please share your experiences with this and any advise you may have. Thanks!

You can always incorporate the cost of a commercial license into your basic gig price. Then remove the extras and mention in your gig that commercial licences are included as standard.

Thank you for responding. Great idea. But what about those who want to use it for personal use such as a student project? How would they be able to order or should I only cater to commercial clients? Does Fiverr get a lot of commercial clients compared to higher paying sites?