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Newbie on fiverr please help

Okay so I joined yesterday. And have gotten some really weird requests. Anyways one buyer said he tried to order my gig and it said merchant could not process your request. I don’t know enough to know how to fix that. He then proceeded to ask for my email which I’m not going to just give out. Anyways, also when people inbox you about gigs you are just messaging back and forth, so how does it become an official order? Any and all help is appreciated!

Hello, you need to ask customer support about that problem the buyer is having.

Fiverr has a strict policy against any kind of “adult” gigs or ones that suggest that, not that you are offering that. The profile photo from above looking down at your cleavage might give some the wrong idea of what you are offering.
You face hidden and just your chest in the gig photo where you offer to skype–not sure why that would cause you to get weird requests :wink:

I agree with @misscrystal on her response. Your profile suggestion about your age indicates the possibility that you are underage, which might lead to some problems. I would either take it out or state your age clearly. Also, your chat gig says “no sexual actions. this would be video chat via Skype.” That actually implies that you are open to non-video chat involving suggestive content.

That would probably get you some “weird” requests and also wouldn’t be in line with the Terms of Service. In addition, if you don’t have direction permission from Fiverr to offer Skype, any gig using it would also be a violation of the Terms. You might want to re-think this.

I think there are better sites for offering to Skype with a cute sexy lady. This is not the right place for this service.