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Newbie Problem

Hy guys I have a little bit problem I still not received any order what I do now can anybody help me.

Hey edeveloperak,

I’m a newbie to Fiverr too. Have you tried promoting your gigs on social media? Maybe a friend or family member will buy your gig?

How about craigslist too? Try promoting your services there maybe?

Have you got a website/blog? Write blog posts showing off your skills and what you can do, put a link to your gig in the posts and tell people they can hire you for $5!

Hope this helped :slight_smile:


Just focus on marketing of your gigs, for example promote your gigs in social media, forums etc, and you need to wait for getting your first orders.


A photo or logo in your profile would help and the sentence at the top of your profile doesn’t make sense. Also your gig photo might be better with a more professional image rather than the little child with a laptop.

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I strongly recommend…ESPECIALLY since it’s a writing gig…to correct your grammar mistakes. Even then, your first buy will not be in a long time - I’ve been here for 6 months and only have gotten 1 purchase so far. Good luck!

  1. don’t whine about no work, get out there and find it. Tips above etc.
  2. don’t offer 299 words, offer 300.
  3. Your English isn’t very good–this is your biggest issue. I recommend finding another talent that doesn’t require English (I hesitate to say graphic design–but if you can’t draw, learn to code or something)
  4. If you want to make money online, you need a skill that people want to pay for. Whining about not being able to get a job is not a skill, and your English is not good enough; you’re up against people who can actually write English.
  5. You could write English, and study English until you’re at a level where your writing is grammatically correct etc, but you’re some way from there. Fiverr’s a good place to “earn as you learn”, but will you, for example, come to the forum complaining about a bad review from a buyer (who destroys your profile in the process) who says “this writer is terrible at writing, I had to rewrite it myself–not worth the time or money”?

If the answer is yes, you really only have yourself to blame–and seeking pity or a resolution isn’t going to happen; any native speaker of English will know the review is fair. It’s literally written all over your writing. I speak a couple of languages outside of English REALLY badly. I can be understood, but I’d never sell my “skill”. It’s all about knowing your limitations and what you can achieve with what you’ve got (and working on improving/updating those skills)

Just think about it. I’d recommend coding, as there are a lot of free websites out there that you can learn and practice on, and I imagine many have very supportive communities built around them. If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d be learning so I could code and write at the same time (more $$$).

And don’t whine about stuff you can change on a forum. You’re just going to get regurgitated tips. There’s a reason those tips are regurgitated. You’re not special. Do the tips, develop a skill and the work will come. Not overnight, but if it was that easy…

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Totally agreed.