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Newbie question about hiring


Hi all,

First time here. I just posted a gig for a series of animations and have 14 offers so far. Can I hire several people to do a sample animation for me or do I have to just choose one? I’m hoping it’s the former - I’m looking for a certain look and feel and would like to see actual work samples of my particular requirements before making the final decision.

Thanks - happy to be here!



You can always ask. If they’re willing to do it they’ll probably give you samples with low quality and watermarked.


Thanks. So just email people and ask? I’ve had some people offer to do free samples. For the lower cost ones, I’m willing to pay several people to do the same job so I can see what they do with it. I just wasn’t sure if Fiverr had rules against it or if it wasn’t cool in general.


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I really wasn’t thinking about free samples so much as actually hiring several people to do an initial job for me so I can see if I like what they do. Obviously I can’t do that with those whose bids are pretty high - but I can with several of the lower priced offers. I’m hoping to develop a long term relationship with one seller so I can do a series of animations over time so finding just the right person is important.


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Ha! Thanks. That’s the answer I was hoping for. :slight_smile:


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Instead of using buyer requests, do a search on the main Fiverr site - have a look at sellers’ live portfolios of work they’ve actually delivered through Fiverr.

In terms of who you choose, you can choose as many or as few as you like - it’s entirely up to you and your budget.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I did free sample once :smiley: and buyer run away with low quality work!

not all are same but every one have to be careful…buyer or seller!


Yes - but I really wasn’t asking about free samples. Funny that everyone thought that. I intend to actually hire several people to do the same small job so I can compare their styles. I think I was afraid that if I clicked the “Order Now” button by one person’s name, I’d be blocked from hiring anyone else.


No - you can order as many gigs from as many sellers as you like! :slight_smile:


you should ask for some part of that work!
may be visiting their profile - reviews and rating and checking portfolio can help!!


I’ve been reading profiles and checking reviews and ratings for a couple of weeks now. Ready to actually see what someone will do with my particular requirements. Thanks so much for everyone’s help. It’s a little intimidating to be a newbie!