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Newbie question regarding rights

Hi folks,

Newbie question regarding rights.
What determines the amount of instances one would need to purchase broadcast rights? I noticed that the option includes (1)(2)(3)etc. Instances. Is this for different mediums , or different instances?

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If the gig specifies that commercial or broadcast rights are extra see the terms of service page for more details about those rights (also look at the help box on the gig page next to those terms):
Look at the “Ownership” section and below on the link above.

Also looking at a voice over gig I don’t see different instances [1] [2] etc.

In addition to what else was said, I suggest that you ask the particular seller you are working with. If it’s a trustworthy seller in the first place, they should be able to tell you what rights they offer and at what price. They should be able to tell you everything those rights would cover. Sellers are independent contractors and although Fiverr requires that sellers in some categories charge for specific types of rights, the seller is free to make some definitions on their own.

If the seller does not wish to answer or cannot clearly spell out the answer, that’s a seller I would probably not want to work with. If I had an existing contract I would wrap it up and move on, and hopefully, I would ask these questions before starting on a job. There are plenty of sellers that do know what they are doing and will give you their own pricing and coverage in clear words. Some sellers might be new to selling rights on their own so if it’s a cheaper or newer seller, I’d give a little leeway there. I would not give much leeway if they seemed to be pressing me for extra money just because they can or if they weren’t willing to work it out.

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This is what I’m referring to.

It seems like they’ve added a quantity field to a lot of the optional extras that you can buy.
Though if you’re just buying 1 voice over the quantity of “full broadcast rights” doesn’t seem relavent. If you’re buying 1 voice over you’d only need 1 quantity of the “full broadcast rights” extra.

Maybe if gig allowed multiple voice overs (or an offer did) and you wanted a particular number of the voice overs to have full broadcast rights it might be relevant. But normally I’d think just select the 1st one (quantity=1) if you need full broadcast rights for 1 voice over file that you buy.

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I’m assuming that reflects per script…So if I had an order with 3 scripts, the full broadcast rights would be $210 for all 3.

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Thank you so much. That makes sense.

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