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Newbie Questions about output/scheduling


I would like to change my account status (and I don’t know for sure how to do this) so that I can offer to provide a wide range of services - editing, writing, doing brochures and flyers, and web design and maybe some basic SEO. Of course I realize I have to set this up and set prices for related services, but I am not sure how I can:

I work full-time and want to make sure I don’t take on more orders than I can handle. Is there a way to set a limit with how many orders you can accept or space them apart so I have more time in-between orders? I’m not sure how to handle this when I try to create a seller account.

Also, I have a regular account (I think) to purchase services. How do I go about creating a seller account and set it up so that I don’t get too overwhelmed with assignments (and it may be that I don’t get any based on what I’ve heard from others online).

So I need help clarifying pacing, workload control, setting roles/profiles correctly.

Be sure not to create 2 or more accounts. Read the Fiverr Terms of Service first off. You can use one account to buy and sell which many of us do. If you already made 2 or aren’t sure, submit a ticket to Customer Support quick and ask for their help.

I would need more time to answer more but perhaps others can help.

You can use the same account to buy and sell, you don’t need to have two.
As for how to schedule work, fiverr doesn’t have a feature of limiting the number of orders, although I find it very important. But there’s still another way to do it. When you go to “my gigs” page you can either activate the vacation mode (which stop any future orders on ALL your gigs, until you’re done and ready for more) or you can pick a single gig and choose to pause it, this will stop any future orders for one specific gig, and once you’re ready to take new orders you can activate it. However, when you pause your gig, it stops from appearing on search, but when you use vacation mode buyers can still view your gigs and choose to get notified once you’re back. You’ll also receive a daily email of how many potential customers waiting to order your gig.

Good luck!

Limit how much work you will do - so make your prices higher than your competitors (but don’t overcharge your clients!). I am moving from full-time freelance to a full-time job and plan on doing this so I don’t get as many orders, but I also won’t take a massive drop in how much I earn.

I would try one gig at a time and see how that goes - then build up with more if you think you have capacity. You could find having to cancel a lot of orders or deliver late, which might make buyers cancel and leave you negative reviews.