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Newbie Questions before I Get Started Selling

Hi everyone! I’m getting ready to jump in but haven’t posted my gigs yet. I’m a Certified Life Coach with a coaching business. I’ve read (and re-read) the ToS.

Here are my questions:

  1. Can I include a link to my life coaching website anywhere in my content, bio, or in my communications with buyers?

  2. In one of my gigs I’d like to ask for a picture of the buyer to send Reiki and provide a “reading” to the buyer. The buyer will have the option to provide a picture. Is this something that might not get approved?

  3. I’ve read in the ToS to not share personal information. It specifically mentions Skype, which I’d like to use for one of my gigs. However, I do see other gigs that offer introductory life coaching using Skype. One was a featured seller.

  4. I understand any gig is to be offered exclusively on Fiverr. I’d like to offer an introductory life coaching session as one of my gigs. I do offer an introductory session on my website, as do most coaches, so in that sense it’s not exclusive to Fiverr. I do see other life coaches offering introductory sessions on Fiverr, again, one is a featured seller. I’m a bit confused.

    Thanks for any help clarifying these questions!

    Mary Ellen

1- yes in your bio you can include a link, I've done that for my you tube channel and didn't get in trouble, but I removed the link yesterday.
2-in your discription if you want a picture of the buyer say it.
3-im unsure, the only information you cannot share is links i think. so if you are trying to tell your customers "hey my username is bla bla bla" you can but you cannot attach a link. you can also not give them your email address. so you are allowed to give usernames for business purposes. for example if you are lets say you have a gig where you advertise stuff on twitter then your customer would need to know your username to see if you actually did post the advert.
4-lets say you sell drawings, you can sell them on other websites and your website at the same time. however what you cannot do is on fiverr tell your customers to go to your website.

That’s not entirely true, to my knowledge. You can safely post SOME links, like Youtube, Flickr, and Linkedin (I think). If you want to use Skype for your gigs you need to get in contact with CS and ask them for permission. I never had to do this, but seems like this is the common practice as I understand from reading around the forum.

I wouldn’t post any links before asking CS anyway.

I would think posting a link to your website would be a no no IF you sell your services on your site (as you should be doing, you would make more than the $4 for the basic service here!) That may be seen as leading people “off site” and snagging them for yourself on your site.

I would like to offer either chat or Skype as an “extra” (I would not offer this for the basic $5 as readings of this nature can be abused with people taking more than say 5 minutes or whatever you decide you can give for $5) but, you have to have the OK from customer support, and they can be a bear to get an answer from. This is not said to deter you from contacting them about it, but, don’t be surprised if you have to ask more than once or have to wait a bit before hearing their verdict.


Thanks for the feedback everyone!

I think at this point I’ll leave out the link to my webpage. Sounds like it could be interpreted as trying to lead people off site.

The Skype issue will be for life coaching, and will be a 45 minute session. Cristinaghy you say you’ve offered Skype on Fiverr and not had to go though Customer Support? It does seem to be a fairly common practice.

One of the featured sellers I looked at offers an introductory life coaching session. She openly says in her content that the introductory session will also include how to work further with her, which I assumed meant not on Fiverr. I’m going to wait on offering my life coaching gig until I understand this a little better. It almost seems like there’s the rules, and then there’s the actual culture of Fiverr which is more of a gray area. :slight_smile:

The Reiki reading is in PDF form and the reading works better if I have a pic of the client. I think I’ll start with that one gig, see if it gets approved and go from there. It’s all a bit intimidating right now!


Reply to @visioncoach: No. Like I mentioned, I never did that (I do not have any Skype services so obviously I have nothing to request permission for). It doesn’t matter how many people you see who offer Skype in their gigs- they all might (or should) have the OK from Fiverr to do so. It is common practice to ask for permission, that’s what I meant.

Hope it is more clear now: You can use Skype if you ask for permission.