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Newbie rant

okay, so I started my photo editing gig a month ago. At first I was getting low views/clicks and that’s understandable because I didn’t utilize full potential of site and didn’t had time for self-promotion.(SEO) After a week I mostly made my gig portfolio and adjusted description to try to be most appealing to the customers. At the time I noticed a bit increase in views but not much.

After a another week gone by without a sale I started to read on how to increase views and clicks and that’s when I started doing social promotions and adjusting my tags/title acordingly(noticed significant increase in views/clicks) but again week passes without a sale.

Now I’m really feeling bad because I’m investing serious time and effort then I thought maybe I should try to provide what no one else does, I wrote in description that I’ll do my gig in 24h if I break this promise I’ll provide refund + edited photo free of charge also if someone doesn’t like received service I would be offering them full refund in return, no questions asked. And guess what? Again a week passes without a single sale.

Now I’m offering that I’ll do service in 6 hours but again I clearly doubt I will get a sale, hell I doubt I would get any even if I gave away a free service.(if that was possible)
So my final question is for you peeps, Am I doing something wrong for not getting any sales?

Currently these are my stats:
Impressions: 254
Clicks: 86
Views: 927

Well, you only have one gig. Multiple gigs will naturally increase your exposure (e.g. photo retouching, restoration etc–basically categorize the little photo editing things you can do and make each one a gig). I’d also rewrite the description to focus more on the value that your editing offers prospects vs what you can do. RIght now, there’s nothing really compelling. The best marketing and promotion in the world won’t help if the final sales page isn’t putting in that last effort.

As it’s a visual gig, why not spend some time creating neat portfolio examples (you already have ideas in your description!). This will show people immediately that you are much better at editing than them, and for $5, it’s going to save time.

I don’t think the 6 hours is a wise move–what if you get an order at 2am and your buyer’s crazy and gets angry because you were–gasp–sleeping? I’d put it up to 48 hours and use the “extra fast!” gig extra priced at $5 to fish for a little extra cash and buy that extra time.

Focus on gig descriptions and portfolio. Yeah, it’s boring work you won’t get paid for, but I promise you it will pay in the long run.

This advice stands for the 100 other newbie “how I mek sell” requests, too! I responded to this one because I can see you’ve put a lot of effort in already, and you’re getting frustrated. Just make a little more!

Thanks for the insights will be following on all of them soon… Btw. I was checking your gigs and you have some serious talent for writing…