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Newbie says hi + quick Q


Hello everyone, I’m Andy. Just started with Fiverr, read the posts and like it here. I’m in NY but travel a lot. I want to concentrate on foreign language services, since I’m doing this professionally. BTW, big Thanks for the newbie tips, they are really helpful. OK then, time to post the first gig. Can you guys tell me, how often I can post new gigs as an absolute beginner? Since I’m working with different languages, is it OK to post, let’s say, 2 gigs a day or so. Your help is highly appreciated, thanks in advance!



Welcome to Fiverr Andy, we are glad you are here and hope you remain an active participant here on the Forums. Good luck with your gig(s)


Hello and welcome!

Yes, definitely contact Customer Support about everything! The forum members are generally extremely nice and willing to help, but Fiverr™ itself is very fickle. And make sure you save all of your CS communications - there has been more than one occasion that sellers have been given conflicting information from CS.

Best of luck!