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Newbie seller and now level 1 - any advise from fellow fiverrs!

Hello Fellow Fiverrs!

I am a new seller on Fiverr -

could you guys suggest me 10 point daily basics to follow to make decent success as a newbie fiverr seller.

Any help, comments, advise and suggestions would be appreciated.

I am sure there are many new sellers who would be reading this as well.

Do any of the new sellers have any luck with the " Buyers requests" option?

I have been trying it for quiet sometime now and wouldn’t get any replies.

My gigs are mostly related to content writing, blog posts, proofreading & transcriptions.

Please advise.

There are so many great links with way more than just 10 points. If you keep reading before posting you’ll find plenty of advice on this frequently-asked topic. Here is a link to a post I created with links to more information:

Thanks for your great advise.

I will keep this in mind.