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Newbie seller on Fiverr looking for advice

Hey Guys,

I am a newbie (as a seller) on Fiverr (Have been a long time user though) and just listed my first gig/s today. Can anyone help me out with a little advice and let me know how long it generally takes until you get your first order? Any tips on getting your first sale? Do my gigs look like they need any improvements?

Thanks so much guys!

have you offer your service to “selling -> buyer requests”, go there and offer your service, lots of buyers there :slight_smile:

As you are a newbie,Just want tell you that don’t put your gig link here in forum,it’ll be consider as a spam and I saw your gig so from that I can tell you that please be descriptive because buyer want to know about your service in depth and for your 1st order you have to send daily 10 offer which is in BUYER REQUEST section .

Hope this will help you…

Promoting your gigs on social media helps tremendously. Utilize the power of hashtags on Twitter and your gig will get seen by individuals in a variety of fields. Your social media post and t-shirt gigs need a bit more description. All of your gigs are well priced and it is evident that you are an expert in your field. I wish you all the best.

I’m new to fiverr. I do many things to improve my gigs.But non of things works to me.Last week I do 2 sales. But my gigs impressions,views and clicks are very low percentage. Now I think some things wrong with my gigs.Can you please visit my gigs and give me feedback to improve my gigs,

Thank you very much !