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Newbie seller struggling

Hi Friends, I happened to open my profile in Fiverr around two months ago, and I haven’t got an enquiry only, please advise what should I do?

take the help of SEO optimization, promote it on other platforms, try to be online as much as you can

could you please advise, how can i do seo optimization in fiverr account?

you can write the keywords which are less used so that fiverr can show you on the first page.

For instance there will be hundreds of results if we type Logo design on search bar but when a buyer will type Logo design in 24 hours there will be less amount of searches and sellers then it will be more likely that you will appear on the first page.

Hope you got what I meant

Good luck

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Thanks a lot for the valuable tip

Being online does not increase the likelihood of orders. Please don’t perpetuate that absurd myth.