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Newbie thoughts please


Wow cannot believe I’ve not discovered this earlier. I would love to get involved. I can’t design logos. I can’t photoshop images and I certainly cannot sing ! But maybe that would still attract a clientele. Who knows, anyways to the point. I got to thinking and the one thing that I’m really good at is jewellery identification and valuation. I am second generation trade with over 15 years experience specialising in antique jewellery. It is in my blood and I’m extremely passionate about it and would like to offer my services as a jewellery appraiser and valuer. I’m not here to make any real money, I just love what I do and am excited by the future of this platform. If I can get involved and help a few people out along the way then I’m happy. Please help me out with any ideas. Look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions. Thank you for reading.



Hi Edward, just set up a gig or two for what you can offer to people and try it out, unlike on other similar platforms you don´t have to pay to just offer something, you only pay your fee from every gig you actually sell, so no harm in trying. :slight_smile: