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Newbie Tips to take off from the ground

Hi I am new in Fiverr looking for suggestions on how to improve my Gig.
My link is as below
Also, how can I promote it apart from social media?


My tips to you:

  1. You should make a little research about the hastags you are using on your gigs.

  2. Write a clear, nice, professional, not really big description for your gig.

  3. In gallery use beautiful images. Not other sellers photos! Its the first thing someone sees, so make sure they represent your work in the best way.

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@nafishasan Thanks for your tips, is so much appreciated, I wish you checked my Gig and match your tips to my Gig, and maybe from another view comment on what I may need to improve on.

Share your gig social media Twitter,

@coder_infinity Thanks, I have already done that, but nothing have come from it yet,

I think patience is key.

share your gig social site…

Every day send 10 buyer request and present online

@hmrubel2020 thank you for your feedback, how do I go about this?