Newbie to fiverr But Need to help for gigs sale



I am Newbie to fiverr. Right now i can’t sale any gigs…

How can sale my gigs… Any one help me?



Hi :slight_smile:
I had a look at your profile page (didn’t go into the gigs). My suggestion is begin by rewriting everything. Most of the English is technically correct, but doesn’t sound natural to a native English speaker.
That was my first impression when I saw your profile, so my suggestion is to make a fantastic first impression. :slight_smile:

Second suggestion is to read everything on fiverr academy.

Third–check buyer requests several times a day.

Finally, lots of patience. It took me months before I got my very first sale.

:hearts: May.



i m new so please
plz check mine profile details and suggest me how can i improve my gig details…thanks in advance


@sajidsaeedfaisa Your profile page doesn’t have any gigs.