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Newbie to Fiverr, Looking to join the community!

My name is Sam,
I am passionate about writing, whether it be poetry, short stories, articles, blogging. Anything!
I would like to get to know others who are in the Fiverr community, regardless of your passion or what you do on fiverr.
I look forward to talking :smiley:


While fiverr says I’ve been here for quite a while, only recently did I put up any active gigs. I’m also a writer and a bit of an artist. Besides writing, I do proofreading, copy editing, content editing, critique, research assistance, comic book lettering, and simple logo creation.

My big passion is writing military history comics and donating proceeds to veterans’ charities.

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How intriguing! What kind of writing do you specialize in? I prefer poetry or non-fiction myself!
Military history comics? That sounds interesting! Are they posted anywhere? Would love to see them!

I have a book about the Persian Gulf War called Tiger on the Storm posted on Tapas and available for purchase on Indyplanet. I have another Tapas webcomic about 9-11 and will soon launch a series about the Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II. Korean War vol. 2 is available through Barnes & Noble. I also have books available on Amazon.

Military history has become rather an accidental specialty. I contributed to a benefit comic called Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan, and from there people got the idea that I write mil comics well, so I kept being asked to do more. These are more personal accounts than dry reading, though. I don’t tell the stories so much as help vets share theirs.

I’ve also done poetry, sci-fi, and a little horror too.

Hello and welcome to Fiverr.

I am in web designing niche.


Welcome to fiverr. :)I’m a web developer and email marketer. :slight_smile:

#happyFreelancing, :slight_smile:

Welcome to Fiverr and the forum. Hope all goes well for you.

That is beyond amazing, I’ll definitely have to check those out. Most definitely your 9/11 story as the tragic event actually caused some family pain on myself, as my father was one of the first responders on sight (Who is thankfully okay).
I would love to chat with you about writing actually, I am rather new and self taught, and have a lot of questions. Would love to be able to talk to you privately about it,
Do you mind sending me your email so we can talk?
If not, completely okay! Just wanting some insight of someone who is able to pursue the dream, that I want to pursue as well!

Hello! Thank you for responding, and welcoming me!
Web developing has always been something that intrigued me!
Such a talented skill to be able to do, and I wish you luck on your journey in your career!

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Better yet, I can answer all your questions right here on the forum so that anyone else in need of said answers can benefit. :slight_smile: