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Newbie to Fiverr who is struggling

Hi, I have just started on Fiverr and still finding my way around the site.

I am yet to receive any buyers. I know that once I get some buyers I will prove my worth in a number of ways.

This is a great site and I enjoy reading the discussion points. If you can help me out with my lack of buyers it would be greatly appreciated.



Same here, but I try to be positive about it. I have a few more weeks to pay my debts, so I’m chill and hopeful.

With this attitude you will find your way to succeed, I wish you all the bests.

Hi, have you seen how to use buyer requests? The best way to get some orders is to check them from time to time and send offers - this is probably how upwards of 95% of the sellers here got their first job.

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Hi, I dont know about OP, but the problem for me is that the buyer requests list is always empty for me. Maybe I made a mistake setting up my account?


Some users wait for months to get their first sell done.

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The buyer requests appear simply according to the demand. Buyers will choose a section or use some tags - if you have a gig with those tags or in that section, when a new request is posted it will appear to you for a bunch of minutes, and will disappear once too many offers have been sent or a lot of time has passed.

They’re always present for my timezone at lunch and dinner time, but never in the early afternoon or evening. If I open my browser, say, at 14:12, there’s always dozens over the span of an hour.

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Thank you so much for your answer! I will keep trying and lurking at the request page much more, figuring out the busy hours of my timezone. I’m glad for your help! Have a nice day mate! :slightly_smiling_face:

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6months of struggling still waiting for my first order to come


it took me almost 6 months to get my first order!

You have seen every day 10 buyer request in More > Buyer Request Option. If you can send offer showing all Buyer request, you get some order early. And i suggest you stay online 15 hours every day.

Thank you for important comment. It will help me a lot. @nicwinnie Thank you for highlighting the post.