Newbie to Fiverr


I have been a stay-at-home-mom for about 18 years now. I found Fiverr looking for part-time freelancing type ideas. I know I have a lot to offer as I have had many varied experiences. I just need to take the skills employed in my other walks of life and turn them into gigs. I’ve been working on my profile and description of my first gig.

I’m a bit nervous about going live though -especially after reading the forums and all the issues with some unpleasant buyers and the way Fiverr sometimes treat sellers. Also, I’m nervous about the way I’ll be perceived. I know, in some ways I can read the forums forever or I can just jump in (or maybe wade in )!


Welcome! :slight_smile: And much fun and success with figuring out your optimal gigs!


Welcome :). Don’t overthink it and enjoy the ride.


Hey !

I would say filter out 99.9% of the bad things you hear here, welcome to the community and if you need any advice of getting started please feel free to reach out !


Fiverr Ambassador


Hello & welcome, I’m newbie also


Hey, Welcome to our Family. :slight_smile:


But After first 1month response was amazing :smiley:


Hello Ozzieuk,

I would appreciate your help. I am new to Fiverr and at a complete lost how to get things going. I set up my profile but from there??? Does not Fiverr have a direct link for newbies such as myself. I have heard a lot of good things about this site and want to put my voice over talent to use but, I am frustrated and not being able to get things going. Thank you, Tom


welcome to the fiverr community


Welcome & best of luck :smiley:


Hello Ozzieuk,

What’s your work niche sir ?
and how did you become fiverr ambassador ?