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Newbie wants advice on gig



This is my first time selling my transcription service online, so I know I have lot to learn.

Even after around 100 impressions and 5 clicks i have failed to get an order.

Please give an honest feedback of what might be the problems for not converting.

Thank you very much.


Just a few things:
Remove: “I wanted to earn extra for some important thing I want to do, so I bring my transcription expertise to fiverr as well” because the buyer won’t care. Keep your gig description to things that are going to sell the gig.

What’s the difference between audio transcription and transcribe audio?
Ditto video.

Do not offer unlimited revisions (3 or 5 is fine) don’t offer refund in your gig description. These things make you look inexperienced. You can’t hide the fact that you’re new to Fiverr, but you should look as if you have other experience.

remove:“So what are you waiting for Man/Woman/AI/Alien?”

The 20 hours thing is odd & there’s no way to measure it as 24 hours is the minimum gig time. Some people add an extra for 12 hours/16 hours etc. I wouldn’t make it part of the basic gig.

Other than that, be patient. Gigs in popular categories take a long time to get orders, if ever. I would recommend you having more gigs if you are trying to make money for something in particular.


Thank you very much for the recommendations.

I have implemented almost all of them.

Yes you are right, i will need to create and sell multiple gigs, will work on that.

I included both keywords “audio transcription” and “transcribe audio” to get better search results, does it work?

I also want to ask another thing, would it be a good idea to reach out (message) to competitors clients requesting them to consider my service when they need transcription service?

Thank you again!


OK, got it, thanks again.


Hey @capitalquality,

Thank you very much again for your feedback on my gig.

It took a long time but i finally got an order and consequently a very good review too.