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Newbie, with experience

Hi Fiverrs.
I joined this marketplace by end of last year but only created gigs a few months back. Since then its been ‘home alone’. No buyer. I do know that many sellers here are experiencing downtime but as a newbie, I’m being told that buying reviews is the needful that would break the jinx (which I won’t do). “Nobody trusts a newbie, everyone wants to see positive reviews before turning your way” they further said. Reasonable as that may sound, isn’t that mindset a bias against newbies? How did those with many positive reviews come by them? Didn’t they start from zero before the reviews came? Does being new here connotes one being new in the chosen niche? I have been a freelancer for years but only joined Fiverr. Why would the system push me to buying reviews inorder to make sales? More significant is the fact that Fiverr more or less operates with this mindset - relegating newbies to near insignificance. Do we have a platform here that isn’t really keen to receiving newcomers?

Moan, whine, moan. We all start as newbies, but the successful people who graduate on from that stop moaning and whining.

Don’t buy reviews. You’ll be kicked out in a New York minute. Or worse, you’ll be kicked out when you’ve actually gained traction. So stop moaning, read some tips and apply them. It’s a more effective use of your time and resources. You’re only victimizing yourself with this mindset.

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