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I’m new & can’t think of many ideas. I have a few services & a few things around the house to sell, but other than that I’m stuck! Any ideas? Thanks!!


Turn your hobbies into product, whatever they are. Even if you like to play video games, write a tutorial and sell it as a pdf. Or give tips on things you know about. If you like to blog, offer to write blog entries for people. If you like to draw, offer portraits or cartoons starring the customer. If you make anything at all for fun, sell that. If you’re good at giving advice, offer that. Read the tarot? Offering readings! You get the idea …


Welcome to Fiverr, appleton_made. Just look through the categories of gigs offered and maybe it may inspire you to do something great and worthwhile.


Reply to @crcanny: Great reply! :slight_smile:


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