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Newbies are sending messages to give them jobs/help them?

Lately, I’ve been getting messages from people, that are new to Fiverr, ask me to give them jobs, or how to make money, or help them on Fiverr, etc.

Is this a new trend? Why am I getting these messages lately? Are these people lost and can’t find Fiverr help page? Or is this some kind of scam?


not really a new trend , it’s been actually happening for years… some of the new users don’t read the rules


This is a classic, leveled/Pro sellers receive “teach me/help me” messages on the regular. If you get them it means you’ve made it. :joy:

I’ve received my first one recently, some kid at first wanted me to teach him X, then he kept harassing me to do a logo for him and that he was going to buy from me, but I 100% knew he was probably going to start howling for free samples or would have tried to scam/damage me somehow with the order placement.
Unfortunately you can’t block non-seller accounts directly, so I had to flag his most “harassing” message to have him blocked.

These people are either:

  • generic desperate sellers;
  • desperate sellers cosplaying as buyers (or viceversa);
  • desperate sellers looking for outsourcing (they want you to give them a project you have left behind in your queue for less than what you charge).

Best bet is to simply delete the convo (note: if they message you again, the “reply within 24 hours” charade starts again, unless it’s marked as spam) or block/report if they’re spamming you, some annoying users manage to circumvent reports and place orders or even engage in petty acts of revenge. Take no risks.