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Newbie's experience!


with my writing gig, one experience that i have garnered so far is waiting.

you will just have to wait for a very loooong time for that first order to come in except… except you just decide to take the bull by the horn and just do something about it (get yourself noticed one way or the other.)

i am hoping that investing here in this forum is gonna be worth while


It’s defiantly the way forward! Welcome to the community !


Reply to @ozzieuk:

thank you very much.

though i am still looking for my first sale.

any way my next move is to add life to my profile picture (whoever gave fiverr the idea to put a sheep as newcomer picture.)

am really racking my head to get ways i can promote my gig.

if you’ve got any idea do let me know. happy selling!


Yes, waiting is a precious skill that you must have at all time… first you wait to get orders, and after you get orders you’ll find yourself waiting a lot for your buyers to respond to your messages or instructions, and even after that you have to wait until you can withdraw your money. There’s even some other extra waiting you have to do while getting your gigs approved, then your videos, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

So my advice: try mastering your waiting skill :smiley:


Reply to @madmoo: hope the picture i put there is nice … lol

thanks so much for the advice. am making necessary adjustment and getting ready to meet the “lucky” buyer who comes first.