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Newbies: How to Start on Fiverr!

Hi and welcome! Useful Fiverr links and Tips for newcomers below!

Many new sellers are posting on Fiverr Forum everyday: Help! I am new here! How do I start? Well, here are some tips for you who are new, Sellers and Buyers:

1. Read (and re-read) the Terms of Services here:
People often think they can skip that as there is so much information written there. But it is crucial. Remember to visit again from time to time to check for updates.

2. Get Answers to FAQ here (probably answers to everything):

3. Visit Fiverr Blog. Here you can get lots of ideas and tools and learn how to be more successful and creative:

4. Learn from Fiverr here:

5. Visit Fiverr Podcast and learn from the successful and the experienced:

6. And of course visit this Forum as often as possible. There are hundreds of precious tips and things to learn here.

How to start as a Seller:

1. If you are not sure what kind of Gig to create, then first decide what you know best AND enjoy doing more! This is what your Gigs need to be about if you plan to work part time. It is good to make money but it is best to also enjoy the process! If you plan to work full time, then your Gigs should better be about what you are experienced in professionally.

2. Check out in Search how many Gigs are in your niche prior to creating a Gig. It is best to sell services that few others are selling, even better, services that no one else is selling (if possible). Don’t copy anything. Be original.

3. Make your Gig look interesting by using images that clearly show what one is selling. Original images; not downloaded from websites. A professional video can help. Write a professional and very clear description. Again, be original, don’t copy other sellers’ descriptions. Use the FAQ option to avoid misunderstandings. Use the right tags so that buyers can find you easily.

4. Advertise your Gigs outside of Fiverr, use your social media, get your own buyers rather than waiting for buyers on Fiverr to show up by themselves. The competition is very high. One may wait for long for an order. In some cases, a seller might wait for more than one or two months. Buyers on Fiverr prefer to buy from a seller that has at least one review. So if you can bring at least one buyer to Fiverr that can help. Important: never send messages to users asking them to buy from you! That would be spam and you would get reported.

5. Respond to any messages asap as this counts more than you can imagine! But never spam. If the buyer does not respond to your answer, let it be. Be friendly but professional in your messages, avoid too many words, and be very clear. Avoid calling people “dear”, “bro” etc as many people hate that.

6. Finally, patience and a positive attitude can also help.

As a Buyer:

1. Be careful how you select your sellers. The most expensive is not always the best while the cheapest is not always the worse. Often sellers lower their prices in order to get more orders. New sellers have low prices in order to get their first reviews but they might be better that a Level 1 or a Level 2 seller sometimes. So it is best to check out previous buyers’ reviews.

2. Prior to ordering visit the Seller’s profile to check how long ago they have sold their last order. If it is too long ago, then it is best to send them a message prior to ordering as sometimes they might not be using Fiverr anymore. There are some ghost-Gigs out there. I have had this experience as a buyer; this is why I mention this.

3. Be clear in what you want if you message a seller. Fill in all the requirements. Be reasonable. Don’t demand for more than what is written in the gig description to be delivered, unless the seller has agreed or offered to do so.

One more Tip:
I have found that it is a good idea to be both a seller and a buyer on Fiverr. One can find so many interesting services to buy here. Most of the time the cost is much lower than anywhere else. So money earned on Fiverr can be well invested if one also buys Gigs on Fiverr.

Well, I hope that helped.
You are welcome to add your own tips if you have any.

All the best with sales and purchases!


hi can i share my gig link in forum?

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In “My Fiverr Gigs” sub-category!
You will find in “Your Fiverr Experience” category in this Forum.

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Thanks for these tips! They are amazing and will help many people


Thank you for your advice


thank you for your advice and please pray for me.


Amazing tips.thanks you

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