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Newbies! How's your Fiverr experience so far?

Hey guys! I wanted to create a post where new fiverr users could share their experiences, talk to other newbies, share ideas, thoughts, and tips which could all help each other in improving!

You can also share your feelings towards Fiverr, and opinions are highly appreciated! I’m extremely curious of how Fiverr is doing for new users…

For me, I have not been doing quite well. Still haven’t got a single order for weeks, but I’m still optimistic about it. I know it takes more than just patience and perseverance to be successful!

Good luck and happy conversations!


This already happens all over the Fiverr forum. Perhaps you might find it useful to read those many experiences that have already been shared – and continue to be shared in in many topics, and all categories here on the forum.

This also happens daily in topics all over the forum.

It is good to be optimistic. Optimism can often get people through tough times. Keep your chin up, keep building great gigs, and good luck as you continue to reach out to your target customers and convince them to hire you.


Thank you for creating this post. Am new to fiverr, I have made my first sale. Hoping to continue helping others.