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Newbie's huhs and whats


Hi everyone :wink: I’m here for about two weeks, today I set my last two gigs. Got lucky to already have one order and accomplish it successfully. But still at some points Fiverr is a mistery for me and I cannot find an answer anywhere. I believe most of you is able to help me, so I decided to ask for help in here. First, there is a strange thing with my gigs visibility… at the very beginning I could find some of them… sometimes. Once they were there, few minutes later, after another search, there were none. I understand, that edited or new gigs won’t be visible for some time, but it’s been really long now and I can’t still find them. Of course I contacted Fiverr staff to help me and then it seemed allright, but now everything disappeared again. Second thing is - I can put only 3 pictures (category illustration) and I saw some of the Fiverr users (not pro) who have 6-7 pictures attached in gig’s gallery. How’s that possible? And the last thing (thank you for your patience :relaxed:) - where is that place, where buyers’ requests go? This kind of Fiverr’s market with buyers’ announcements? Can’t find it anywhere… Thank you all in advance :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s an odd thing to say, since there are answers all over the place here on Fiverr: tips and advice already written here on the forums, information on Fiverr’s Terms of Service, even in Fiverr’s help section linked at the bottom of every site page. Could it be possible that you just aren’t looking hard enough? :thinking:

Fiverr does not guarantee that anyone’s gigs will be easy to find anywhere in the search results. Yes, gigs do disappear for review after creation and whenever edited, but there is no guarantee that you will have the kind of search engine visibility that you might want. While you wait for review, or while you are getting started and don’t yet have site visibility, you can always bring in your own customers by marketing and promoting your gigs on your own to the target customers who need your services.

Gigs allow three seller-uploaded images. The first image is your gig’s cover image, the other two are meant to be portfolio images showing your past work. All other images in your gallery are posted there, with buyer approval, once you complete an order. Buyers have the option of allowing your delivered work to be shown in your gallery, or choosing to keep them out of the gallery altogether. You, as the seller, have no control over delivered work that shows up in your gallery, although, you do have the option to turn off the feature if you don’t want any delivered work to show up there.

The Buyer Request section can be found under the “More” link on the top navigation bar on your seller pages when signed into Fiverr.

My all 6 gigs showing on last page i am level 2 seller
Can't find my GIG in search

Hi and welcome to the forum! :four_leaf_clover:

Jon already explained the portfolio feature and more, let me add that you can find pretty much all answers/info you need regarding common questions like portfolio, buyer requests, etc., in the articles in the :arrow_right: Seller Help Center :arrow_left: - a great resource, I’d actually recommend making yourself a big cup of tea or coffee and take the time to read through the articles there and even also in the Buyer Help Center (will help you to help future customers and “see things from the other side”). You also might be able to preempt a few potential pitfalls by knowing some of the info there before the info becomes relevant.

To remedy your issue of not (yet) having a portfolio on your gig itself - in the FAQ section there, you’ll also find a menu item “Allowed URLs”, maybe you can find one that you could use for a portfolio and link to - just make sure to only use allowed URLs and keep Fiverr’s ‘no contact data’ policy in mind.


Thank you both Jon and miiila :slight_smile: Obviously, I’m too new and too lost on Fiverr’s depths. Your directions were helpful.


We have kinda similar situations, I’m a newbie too, started selling about 3 weeks ago. My Gig was hard to find as well, almost didn’t exist :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, and yet I still managed to get my first order in less than a week! Jumped to page 1 in Best Selling and page 3-4 in Relevance. Then 2-3 days later my gig went back to disappearance :sweat_smile: And guess what? Still managed to get my second order. Again jumped to page one in Best Selling and page two in Relevance. Both orders were placed by strangers. None from buyer requests. One thing I learned from Fiverr is that positive reviews are everything. By the way, I searched “Write in polish”, “Edit in polish”, “Article in Polish” and found your gigs right in front of me in the first page! Suggestion: try changing your gig thumbnails to something more “eye-catching” or maybe capture a video of you describing your gig. I think that will attract much more customers. Just a suggestion :grin:


Wow, thank you so much! I smiled reading your answer :slight_smile: Lately I changed my gigs according to Fiverr’s advices, including thumbnails, metadata etc. Hope it will make any difference :wink: Still psychically preparing for making videos, soon I hope… :slight_smile: Thanks once again for your support, take newbie to newbie’s high five :grin:

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hello , conguratulation you got order within 2 weeks


Hi, thanks :smiley: Luck of a beginner :wink: