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Newbies? Or Old timers, Is it normal not to get any views after 3 days?


Open question as I really do not know how much traffic this site gets (despite i love the concept, so not growling . I have put pics etc on all my 4 gigs but actually not a soul has even viewed it never mind clicked. Do you have to here for years before it takes effect? I am also sharing gigs on twitter and google+ All comments are very welcome x

Other than promoting your gigs on your own, and having a great gig, the sales are entirely in the hands of prospective buyers. I looked at your gigs, and while I don’t know a lot about tarot readings, and I’m not sure how big the market is for people struggling with fetish issues, one issue might be that those aren’t gig services that are in high demand. The most important thing any businessman/woman needs to have a deep understanding of the consumer market for the product or service they wish to sell.

How much do you know about the market for the gig services you have chosen to offer? :slight_smile:

it is just not possible to have zero views… I do not know if people would buy your gigs but you must have some views… My gigs are viewed from around 500-600 per month and to 20.000 per month and my conversion is almost 5% so take that numbers and see if something is wrong with your numbers… But just to mention, my gigs are very old and ranked pretty high on recommended and high rating lists so you should be happy to start even with a 10x lower numbers…

If I am first time here I would like to have like 300-500 views per month per gig :slight_smile:

Reply to @jonbaas: Don’t lie that you do not know about fetish issues! You are a trekkie! :smiley:

Reply to @m2webs:

Well, I’ve never considered my passion for Star Trek to be a fetish. But, perhaps, given this context, you might have me at a slight disadvantage. :wink: