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Newbies Read This!


When i come into forum, each and every day i see people are posting like,

"I am a newbie, how can i get my first order"

So this is what I’m going to address now. I’m having an experience over one year of selling on fiverr for different regions where i have a sound understanding about how things going on. Actually there’s nothing special to say. everything comes under common sense. okay so the first and foremost problem is having the first order.

YEAH THAT’S KIND OF :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

but, not only you, as newbies each and everyone facing the same problem which they are thinking

"when i get my first order"

if they don’t have any special rare capable of doing something. for an example if you are a graphics designer, nothing to talk. this is the best rat race ever for graphic design because there are thousands of professional designers out there where the graphic design category is one of the most selling category on fiverr. if you don’t have a really really amazing ability of designing, sorry to say. there you have hard time of survive. That’s just a simple example and it does make sense. people are looking for PRICE + QUALITY. If you can offer best quality service for the best offer, yes you can do something here as a newbie. it’s just only the problem of having your first order and it is also will not going to be very hard since we have something called :


Someones are thinking that freelancing is earning with doing less work. “TOTALLY WRONG” freelancing just enables you to work at your home without having BOSS COMMANDS. but still you have to work hard in according to get paid. Every buyer loves to have good product suits their budget, so you have to have good communication skills (I’m not talking about the language, just about how you handle customers) as well as negotiation skills. As a newbie you have to do works which unfair for you, cause that’s the way you have to build your profile status.

Also you have to keep your customers always with you by giving them discounts, I’m not gonna talk about that cause newbies having no customers know :smiley:.

So you have to make a good eye catching gig which is key to have an orders. because that’s what their first impression to order you. then you can try some buyer requests. if someone contacts you do their work for what the price they are asking. cause once you have some good reviews on your profile basically it’s nothing to have further more orders. Also you can share your gigs on related social media group where you think there are potential buyers. and then the last thing, you have to keep calm and patient till someone come and actually purchase your gig.

I think someone will get an idea with my stupid thoughts :sweat_smile: Put a :heart: if you like to see this kind of posts further. ask anything in the comment section where i can answer with my current understanding.

Thank you for taking time to read this.
Happy Fiverring! :green_heart:


wow pretty much encouraging post :grinning: Happy fiverring to you too.


thanks for sharing your experience
i’m a newbies and still i have no order:sweat:


wow phenomenal speech thanks i got something from this.



Thanks for sharing your experience.


love this post… Thanks for sharing my friend


Thank you everyone! :blush::heart:


I saw you have a data entry task offering gig. These days data entry jobs are dying. I’m not say there’s no work for data entry, but there are lots for sellers who does it for $5, you will get hard time of finding an order. so if you have any spacific knowladge of doing something go ahead with that instead data entry. I also recommond you to learn new thing from online because there are so much of good resources you can access for free as well as by paying small amount.

Happy Fiverring :green_heart:


Thanks for sharing your experiene :smiley:


Thanks for sharing your experience as well other sellers like me and you and other😁 you are absolutely right.


yeah yeah :sweat_smile: Thanks for reading! :green_heart:


Great share @helloscoopz ! this will definitely help new arrivals.

Though I don’t support this discounting concept.


Yeah, actually it depends. if you want to have your customers always with you, there should be a reason for them to do so. So executing that we call marketing. So giving discounts also a marketing concept where you can have more regular customers. :relaxed:


Agree, but eventually we are lowering our Value along with reduced cheap Rate.


We have to manage both sides since we have full controll over it.


Great info you share :+1:


Thanks for sharing your experience…


thanks for your suggestion


@i_creationz @shaheenmollah5 @mohsinrao716 You guys welcome! :green_heart:


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