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Newbies, Stop Doing This! This Will Never Lead to a Sale

Hey Newbies - and people that just recently joined Fiverr and you are struggling. Believe me, sending business proposals as the attached here, will never lead to you having a sale. This might lead to you being blocked and reported by the people whom you contact.

I have a recent spike in getting this very same message, by people from a specific part of the world. My point of view is that this was posted in a local blog or a forum by someone. If you are one of those who had read that this will help you become a Fiverr millionaire, you just read the biggest lie ever.

Trust me, it just outrages the people and they will categorize it as spam - and nothing else.

There are tons of other smart ways to get make a sale or get a help from an experienced user. Heck, you can even visit this forum and search the bar there are many helpful tips written by me and many other sellers.

Thank you!


I’ve decided that the next time I get one of these messages, I’m asking the seller to complete a test. This will take the form of them writing a 15,000-word script for the opening episode of Season 4 of Westworld.

In your case, maybe ask that sellers photoshop the Bayeux Tapestry to only feature Star Wars characters.

This should keep them off your case for a while, and you might stumble upon an undiscovered mek-seller genius.


Brilliant. You sir, always find the perfect solution.

I mean, a simple not interested would’ve stopped me from spamming your inbox with sells please, or will I? :thinking:

It all starts with a Facebook group, and a bunch of people who know nothing on how to run a freelancing business, but seemingly, they share “tips & tricks” on how to violate the ToS of any freelancing platform out there.

Yes, i’ve been in one of those groups before (With over 100K members). Pretty interesting needless to say.


Quite possibly. I think the Twitter Fiverr spammers probably got their ideas off of the Youtubers who show you how to spam your gig on Twitter. They call it “marketing”.

I’m not sure why no one thinks critically and questions the credibility of these things. So many sellers accept things blindly. They don’t question it they just like the promise of getting orders with no thoughtful effort.


I would always be nice and polite and explain that people are violating ToS doing this and should try different avenues of self-promotion. But in half of the cases it’d be: “WHAT SHOULD I DO THEN??!” I also got called a female dog a few times so now I just report and block 100% of the time.


How dare those people to call you like that! Rude, so rude…
I was also offended by some sellers, because I didn’t agree to do extra paid work for FREE.

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Oh I’m sorry. That’s awful… Good for you for protecting yourself from abuse where possible.